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To download games from this site, first install the Torrent client. We recommend using qBittorrent, but any other can be used as well.

Go to the page of the game you want to download.

At the bottom of the post you will find a button with the name "Magnet Link

Click on "Magnet Link" and a new page will open.

Click on the button:

Wait for the count to end:

Then click the button:

and popup will appear at the top of the screen asking you to open the torrent client.

Click on open torrent and the link will open in the torrent client installed on your computer.

That's it! Your Torrent client will start downloading.

Enable Pop-up (Important!)

By default, Google Chrome prevents pop-ups from appearing automatically on your screen. When a pop-up is blocked, the address bar is marked with the Blocked Pop-up icon. To download games you need to allow pop-ups to appear.

1. Click the Blocked Pop-up icon Pop-up bloqueado to the right of the address bar.

2. Check the option "Always allow pop-ups..." and click done.

When Firefox blocks a pop-up, it displays an information bar (if not previously disabled - see below), as well as an icon  in the address bar.

Blocked popups fx70

Click the "Options" button in the information bar or the icon in the address bar, and click "Allow pop-ups from..."

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